Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Teach For Pakistan - Start the Movement

I came across this movement called 'Teach for Pakistan' (TFP) which is an initiative to attract top quality talent to contribute a couple of years of their lives towards education for the underprivileged masses in Pakistan.
This model is not very new - it has been previously tested in the States under the name of 'Teach for America' and in the UK by the name of 'Teach First' and now beginning August 2011 it will be tried out in Pakistan. 

Almost every bright young talented student in Pakistan who can make it to Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge will prefer to plunge to the opportunity to pursue their prized international degree and flee from the home land. Similarly, those who have recently graduated and are looking for well paying careers would never even consider teaching in the rural areas as an option. What 'Teach for Pakistan' does is that it offers you a starting salary matching that of the corporate sector in Pakistan to go out and teach in the suburbs and rural areas for 2 years. At the end of the years you will not have lost out on the corporate world because companies like Unilever and GSK are partnering with TFP to offer its Alumni internships and guaranteed   interview calls. Also TFP has affiliates of the like of Harvard Business School who give credit and recognition for work experience at TFP in their selection process. TFP also commits to training its employees with necessary transferable skills like organisation skills, communication and leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills which are valued at any other B-school or corporation. 

I think this effort to reduce the gap  between the 'haves' and 'have nots' in Pakistan is a great one! We need to realise that sacrificing 2 years out of our lives may not necessarily drag us down, but it can thrust a nation upwards! 

Moreover if you come to think of it - no business can make money in a poor, jobless population so its only fair that large businesses and corporations as well as graduate schools help develop 'their future clientel and   consumers' for their longer term sustainability and growth. 

TFP is currently hiring and their hiring criteria is not any less rigorous than a top level corporate. If you're  an experienced professional looking to add a few years of 'social responsibility' to your life, or a fresh graduate looking for a decent salary - you can still apply for this fellowship at this link: 

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  1. This is amazing! I hope a lot of great people would sign up for it.

    I like the video, I just wish it hadn't been plagiarized from the Girl Effect video (which is one of the coolest I've seen)....