Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My latest shopping destination!

My sister and I visited the Harroons outlet at Gaddaffi stadium, Lahore this week and came out with at least 6 shopping bags! We hadn't planned to do all that shopping but once you enter the shop, suddenly a bunch of colourful and well assorted items jump at you and you're excited that you can actually buy gift items, shoes, bags, funky jewelry, stationary, household items,  mugs etc. all under the same roof. So we stocked up gifts for all upcoming birthdays and also got ourselves a few funky items. 

I particularly liked their shoe section, we bought 2 pairs and were short of cash otherwise we wanted to buy 3 pairs actually. Their shoes, ranging from converse, slippers, fancy sandals, pumps to wedge heels are all extremely comfortable and at a very affordable price range of Rs.1000-1200.  The designs were all very unique and trendy. 

Another interesting item was their collection of 'wall stickers' which can be used to spice up your rooms and it seems like you've painted it. I'm attaching a picture of what we did in my sister's room. We had a lot of fun doing it together too.  I got two of those for my own place too. These too were just for about Rs.350 each and an excellent summer activity for mothers to do with kids, or for any one thinking of re-doing their living room or bedroom. 

There was another item which might interest teenage boys - disco t-shirts. These t-shirts have a neon coloured badge which lights up according to the music playing in the background (something like  a sound detector is attached to it.)

I had first become a fan of Harroons when they opened up in Islamabad and was ecstatic when they launched in Y-block DHA, but I visited the Gaddaffi outlet for the first time (which is a lot bigger than the Y block outlet) and they've got a whole different range of items and great variety at this outlet as compared to the DHA one. 

If you go sometime this week,  you'll catch their amazing collection currently in-store I bet you'll come out with a pair of shoes at least like we did! 


  1. Cool! i love the wall sticker!

  2. I love Haroon's. It is so affordable and full of fun stuff.