Friday, 20 May 2011

Olive - the LUSH by Pakistan?

I am a big fan of 'naturals', especially when it comes to personal care products. When I first went to London I came across this amazing shop called 'LUSH' and one of their key marketing tool was the 'scent' that traveled from their store to out to the entire shopping street. LUSH ( started as the hand-made natural ingredient soap makers in the UK and now they have expanded to almost 50 countries and across a wide range of personal care products (including cosmetics, deos, shampoos, oils etc). Their colourful and chunky products with the most tempting and mesmerising scents are quite a treat! and you can be sure that's about the most natural you can get when it comes to skin care and beauty products.

My most recent visit to LUSH was in Toronto a couple of months back and I was excited to buy their products after almost 2 years! I got myself a charcoal based face wash (it is known to clean out the deepest dirt from your pores) and a handmade banana based liquid  foundation (and it doesn't look like you've applied make up at all).

But now it seems like I might not have to wait to travel across continents to get my 'naturals' anymore. "Olive" ( a similar brand of hand made natural products has just been discovered! It is a local (Pakistani) business, which makes me very proud! And their products look just as amazing as LUSH. On the a left is a picture from an exhibition were Olive launched their range (you can see the similarity to the LUSH display above). In fact they also held a 'talk session' on their products to help their consumers learn more about the ingredients and understand what is it that they apply on their skin or hair. The packaging is also quite trendy and attractive, adding to the temptation from the scents and making them excellent gift items!  

I've been wanting to try Olive products and have just discovered that they are available in Lahore and Karachi at the following outlets:

Karachi: Object (Park Towers), Solo (Clifton)

Lahore: Source, Shop 224, Y Block, DHA (adjacent to Nishat Linen)

I'm definitely visiting their outlet tomorrow! :)


  1. Oh and by the way, the girl who started Olive is a LUMS MBA grad too! Thought you'd be proud of that :) I saw her interview a few days back where she was talking about her products. I can't remember her full name but I think her last name is Laari.

  2. oh wow...that does make me very proud :)

  3. does her product smells as good as lush?