Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why I decided to blog...

For a very long time I felt blogging is like an invasion into one's privacy. I have been one of those who keep their diaries locked up behind cupboards and under secret drawers. Except for a few articles I've written for my college magazines and daily newspapers; that too few and far in between, my written expression has mainly remained unread. Also for the past some years I've been a busy machine either studying or working long hours leaving no time behind to reflect and express all that I absorb. Random thoughts occurred and passed by without being discussed or expressed to make any impact - good or bad. The very little time and burst of expression I experienced was transferred to a word documents in yet another secret folder of my  laptop, in the form of poetry (poetry: perhaps because I could express more in less words and time, and if someone did happen to read it, it would still be vague enough).
Recently I gave myself a personal break with the beautiful transition of marriage and decided to stop, sense, absorb, reflect and step back at life just as a painter would review his/her painting when he's half done - just to see if he/she needs to change colours or angles or make any amends before giving it further shape. Over the past couple of reflective months I've read books long due to be read and I've started writing more regularly on my 'private word.doc' diary. Meanwhile I also got the time to read some other writers' blogs and articles on other discussion portals. Most encouraging of these was my childhood best friend, Tamreez's blog ( which I not only thoroughly enjoyed reading but also used as a medium to stay in touch with the latest social and political issues. 
So here I am, an amateur, beginning my blogging journey today. I hope what I write can act as another drop of positive change of either thought, or action or simply an interesting read for those who come across my blog. I look forward to constructive feedback and comments :)