Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Brand Pakistan: Pakistani Female Wins First Oscar for the Country

Its all over the news, international media and local Pakistani media...and everyone is talking about it, its a reason for Pakistanis to raise their necks and feel proud that their country midst all the negativity from the international media over the years is able to breakthrough and project sparks that make the international audience wonder if they have been wrong about Pakistan all this time. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, the director of "Saving Face" won the first Oscar Award for Pakistan this year and proved that Pakistanis can battle their way through all odds to make it big and make a difference! She is a true representative of the Pakistani nation - the nation that is talented, hard working, kicking for change - they only need to be heard and seen on platforms like these...many are under the cover, working behind scenes like Sharmeen but their voice is not being heard midst the noise of 'stereotypical statements' of the western media...surely Oscar is also a western platform and deserves recognition for unearthing talent from across the world irrespective of race, ethnicity and nationalism. This is yet another example and plea to the audience of the world at large to steer away from the stereotypical image of Pakistan and make an effort to see the reality on ground through mediums other than the 'biased news channels'.

Note that this too, like many other success stories coming out of Pakistan, is the story of a female's victory (and what does the media tell you about [suppressed?] Pakistani women...?

Psychology Facts: Workaholism

Psychology Facts: Workaholism

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The "WHY" theory of Inspiration...great talk by Simon Sinek

This is a great and simple insight into WHY some companies make it big and others don't despite all rational reasons that may direct us to believing that they are equally good, functionally speaking. It is the story behind great brands, great marketing and greater understanding of human motivation...see the video and enjoy it explain itself.