Tuesday, 17 May 2011

English Tea House - an experience worth the pricey tea

As you enter the greenery filled enclosure through the path to the left of "Yum" , the new Thai restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore - it takes you to oldish English times in Yorkshire or Scotland. The greenery is still under design, as you can see some gardeners and exterior designers working on taming the thick dark green branches of the trees outside this very 'country side' like cafe called "English Tea House". A friend of mine introduced me to this place for quite rightly its ambiance. During our time in Europe we had  gone out for breakfast and tea at similar places when we visited each other and this experience was a perfect nostalgic reminder of those days. Even if you haven't been to Europe, entering this cafe, makes you connect with childhood story books and movies set in the Victorian times.
Adding to this feel was the staff who were dressed in checkered Scottish uniforms and the females in longer versions of scottish skirts and sashes which I particularly enjoyed. Quite amusing are the vintage wall plates also adding culture to the interior of the cafe.  
It would be perfect place to visit in the winters with their outdoor benches and tables placed beautifully midst the greenery and wooden terrace. For summers you can sit inside and enjoy the outdoor view from the clear glass walls.
The Tea itself was not too great and a bit too expensive, almost Rs.200 for a serving that you could pour twice (in their defence), but even Rs.100 per serving seems a bit pricey to me for plain ol' chai. Since we had already had lunch elsewhere we didn't have space to try out their snacks but given their ambiance is worth another visit, I'd like to try out their Yorkshire pudding and other pies sometime soon. I managed to take a few photos; gladly the staff was quite easy going and friendly.

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  1. Great! :) Glad you're enjoying yourself in Lahore with your friends :)