Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Consumerism broken down & explained like never before!

This is by far the best explanation of consumerism and its impact on the global village I have ever come across. It is explained with great insight into history, politics, and economic and environmental impact. It gives detailed yet simple answers to many of the wonder whys that have sprung in at least my mind over the years. 

I loved the idea of 'perceived obsolescence' the most. Isn't it the look and feel of our phones, kitchen wear, computers, hand bags, and eye shades that makes us feel out-dated and old fashioned and drives us go shopping every couple of months to satisfy ourselves? One of my favourite sayings is: 'I shopped all my life and yet have nothing to wear'

I was surprised to learn that it was in the 1950's the national happiness peaked in the US, a time when women stayed at home, when there were hardly any fast food chains, fewer short cuts to everyday chores, fewer avenues for instant gratification and entertainment, fewer channels on TV and no internet or the "I-phamily" (ipods, iphones etc.) what so ever? A time when US was more like the developing countries today? A time when people had time! 

I love this video for its simplicity and pictorial digestion. If you're a pictorial person like most others, you will feel as you go through the 22 minutes how well you've digested all the numbers, facts and connections because they were graphs, charts and flow charts to go with the  entire verbal presentation. 

Next time I go shopping for something I 'want' and don't really 'need', this whole cycle of consumerism will play in my head and I hope it will make me shop sensibly (buy less, and buy fair trade options where available) and use and reuse until there really is nothing much left of my stuff! 

Following the fashion is out-dated. Brag your old stuff lasting you over the years! Brag your own style. Find a way to stop this cycle of consumerism within your lifestyle and the small circle of influence around you.