Thursday, 5 January 2012

Haute Hijab: for Hijabis with style

If you cover your head and live in the west - you will surely relate to at least one of these problems:

1. Most of your favourite brands of western clothes don't have the desirable length of shirts, or shape of neck or length of sleeves or thickness of material that you would consider appropriate to go with your head covering or scarf. You don't want to end up looking like a cartoon that cares about covering the hair but is showing off curves or skin in other places. 

2. A lot of times you have to buy two to three layers of shirts separately to make the outfit look decent enough, but matching colours and materials is a big hassle! When you look at fashion mags for latest trends, hardly a style is applicable to you because of your head covering. 

3. When you're looking for office wear you struggle to find professional ankle length skirts or jackets that cover enough. You are constantly fighting for the perfect combination of looking professional and not looking overly dressed and layered. 

Well, someone out there realised that many of us share this problem and decided to tackle this niche in the female apparel market. Haute Hijab, an entreprenurial venture of a young hijabi living out of Chicago, offers elegant and stylish designs that solve all the problems stated above. The owner being a Hijabi herself understands each and every detail and nuance of mixing western wear with scarfs and head coverings and offers her design expertise that can dress you in style without having to compromise on your dressing standards.

Who says hijabi's can't look stylish? Modesty is one thing, wrapping up yourself to look odd and out of place is another. Haute Hijab is for females who would like to strike a fine balance between style and 'covering more'. Even those who don't necessarily cover their head but are looking to wear something more covering for their body would fancy designs at Haute Hijab. 

So if you've been struggling with pulling your shirts down to make them look longer, and sulking over why that trouser had to be so damn tight and why your scarf doesn't always match your dress - Haute Hijab is here to the rescue! Check Haute Hijab out for yourselves and be delighted! 

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