Saturday, 28 May 2011

Re-Launch Brand Pakistan - Part II

A few days back I wrote about the stereotype image that Pakistan has fallen victim to and my intention to become part of the mission of 're-branding' Pakistan correctly in the eyes of international media. I have since then been looking at what other people have been doing in this regard. Today on my flight from Karachi to Islamabad, I saw this video and was utterly impressed. This is exactly 'one' of the actions we had in mind to make a step towards this re-branding exercise. 

I urge all Pakistanis sitting abroad and inside Pakistan to visit Iampak ( and  not only spread the 'image' but also become 'part of the image' by contributing your proud story of being a Pakistani. 

Believe me, it is 'us' pakistanis on the streets who make the soul of this country and not the few leaders or political/religious groups that mistakenly happen to be the face of the country on mass media. 

I have just come back from a breathtaking trip to the northern areas of Pakistan, "Nathiagali" (which I will also blog about soon) and I also saw some foreigners (seemed European by the accent) bag-packing  up there and I was very pleased that some non-Pakistanis had the courage to come down and discover the beauty and positive truths of Pakistan themselves despite what is projected on media.  

If you are a Pakistani sitting anywhere in the world, doing anything that can help Pakistan break away from its 'Terrorist' image, then please email your profile to  and become part of the 'real story' of Pakistan! 

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