Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Dear Hamza, 

You're a great actor and model. And it seems from your posts that with all that beauty you've got some brains too. 

But there are just a couple of things I would like to give you feedback on as a sincere audience to your social media activism: 

1. If acting is your #1 priority in life, then please don't over engage yourself with strong views and opinions about politicians and distant social issues (like those taking place in the US).  When an ordinary person makes an opinion, people read it and move on but when Hamza Ali Abbassi shouts on his FB status, people don't only judge him, they remember and they form a long lasting opinion about him. Doesn't help if you're looking to continue your acting career!

2. If becoming a politician or social activist is more important to you than your acting career - then please work on your social media communication. Please don't over express with long paragraphs as they make you seem out of control, over emotional, vulnerable and fanatic. People don't want to follow an unstable leader. Use few and impactful words. Better yet, take your activism on twitter. It will control you with its 150 characters limit :) 

3. Stop justifying yourself before your fans. Fans come in all shapes and sizes. Some are intellectual and others are dumb. Some will follow you blindly and others will criticize you for the heck of it. When you make an effort to over-justify every status you have put on a controversial issue, you seem guilty and you turn off your stronger, more intelligent fan base. 

You may take it or leave it, but it's advice worth pondering on ;) 

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  1. ummm i think theres nothing wrong if he voices his thoughts n opinions. just because hes acting doesnt mean he cant comment on politics and social issues. im a mom of three but that doesnt mean i cant comment on politics, environment, media or anything else. maybe his priority is something else n hes still on the journey of discovery.i actually have enjoyed his statuses as the issue at hand had so many dimensions and objections that it couldnt be kept brief. so he gave a full comprehensive answer.his active communication makes him more endearing to his fans(im not one of them though) as it shows that he values their views but yes, u cant please everybody n i dont see him doing that but yes, no one likes being misunderstood but some people choose not to understand. so yes, he should not overdo, just state his point, elaborate for those who truly need it and from what ive read on the hot issue, he should stick by it. may Allah guide us all n strengthen our faith n character.ameen