Monday, 19 September 2011

Morning Shows or Naach Gaana?

Turn on GEO or ARY at 9am in the morning and you see a pastry face woman glad in a perfect wedding attire, dancing, singing and doing crazy things. That's definitely not what I like to wake up to! Many years ago, morning shows used to be informative, decent, inspiring, and an interesting start to your day. Recently however they have become one hour long fillers for lack of quality entertainment. The host is more concerned about what what she thinks, how she looks, how she dances, than about the views of the guest invited to the show. The guest is forced to dance and act crazy like the host on an indian song. After a lot of haahaa, hee hee, hoo hoo - the show ends adding no value to the audience.  

It just leaves me bewildered that Pakistani show presenters have no talent at all - even the singing and dancing is not worth seeing and hearing (I'd rather sing in the bathroom myself than hear them). Is there no criteria for hiring these plastic women? Is there no training provided on what a morning show format should look like? Operah Winfrey has been a legendary talk show host and I hardly saw her getting up to sing and dance on her own show! It was all about the guest, about their life and about experiences. Although that isn't what a morning show can be compared to, but that definitely is the kind of show any talk show in general can be inspired from. Even the Sahir Show (failed imitation of Shahrukh Khan and Koffee with Karan) isn't any different from his sister's (Shaista Wahidi) morning show. I watched the show yesterday and almost half the show time was spent in Sahir trying to show off how well he can sing (which he was quite average at) , when the guest was a well known singer! Imagine that - trying to show off your pathetic singing skills before a professional pop star! The rest of the show was about dancing on a famous Amitabh Bachan song and the little talk on the show was also about 'how many Bollywood stars had the guest met in on his visit to India and what they said to him etc.' - how complexed are we? 


  1. Uff I know what you mean... I haven't watched a lot of these shows, but Shaista Wahidi is absolutely unbearable. Also the topics they choose and the guests they invite seem to be inspired more by Jerry Springer than Oprah Winfrey. Nadia Khan I remember used to be good at one point and as time went on, her show became more fluffy as well. Don't even know where she went. Overnight she was replaced by Shaista Wahidi without any explanation or comment!

  2. lolz.yeah both these Lodhis are insane if you ask me..They Suck! yeah they do..and above them all GEO SUCKS!!! and @Tamrees No offense but Nadia khan was the same insane crazy non-serious as Miss lodhi is..YOu know what They need to see those old PTV morning shows to understand what a good morning show is all have a nice page Fizza..would like to follow you:-)

  3. hmm...I agree with you strongly...

    The morning show should give its audience something on which they can start their day...instead of their glamorised show have nothing to think or to talk about...

    Nice post !

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