Sunday, 19 June 2011

BOL [Speak Up]

Bol (meaning 'speak up' in Urdu) is the name of the latest Pakistani movie by Shoaib Mansoor, and I've just returned from its premier show. Good Pakistani films come few and far in between but I can safely say that BOL is by far the best, also beating the last super hit and internationally acclaimed "Khuda ke leye" (also by Shoaib Mansoor). I think the movie has been released at a very good time when the nation is truly devastated and shattered in spirit and hope on account of the recent incidents of the PAF base and the Rangers killing. The movie reminds us of the good side to Pakistan: the talent that we have in Pakistan and the potential in our people. 

The movie is a movement in itself - movement of social and religious thought. Amazingly directed, the movie is a great insight into the lower middle class Pakistani culture and social stigmas prevailing at large. From the taboo'd gender (the third sex type), attitude towards birth of the female child, child abuse, chauvinism, prostitution, attitude of Pakistani politicians, to Shi'ite versus Sunni religious issues - the film beautifully portrays and confronts the evils in our minds and our culture. 

I was extremely impressed by the acting talent of Umaima, the main character of the film, playing the eldest of 6 sisters and the driver of positive change for her family, breaking the stereotypical barriers that women face in any developing country. The appearance of Atif Aslam and Mahira seemed to be more of a tool to add colour to the otherwise gloomy and reality based art film. 

The film was liberating and tear-touching. I walked out proud of the cinema knowing that this film was a product of Pakistan, and made by the people of Pakistan, not those who are brought up and trained abroad but those raised, educated and trained within Pakistan. I felt proud that creative heads like Shoaib Mansoor are using their talent to question the status quo, long due to be questioned. I felt proud that they confronted the issues shoved under the carpet and sealed behind silent helpless lips. BOL is an excellent example of how Pakistani films can do wonders if we look inwards towards our strengths and depict our own values and issues than trying to mimic the Bollywood dancing style. BOL is a movie with impact, without indecent  costumes or vulgar dances, yet the film has music and songs to it. 

While most films are just an expression of what state of matters is, BOL is not only that but also a depiction of what we 'could be' if only... we dared to 'speak up' [BOL]. 


  1. Yea! It's good that we have proper Pakistani films coming up! Something we can ACTUALLY watch!
    Bol hasn't released here yet. Will go watch it when it does!

  2. I'm looking forward to watching it too. If only Shoaib Mansoor (and others) would produce quality films more often!